BSN, MPH (Public Health), PhD (Epidemiology)

Areas of  Specialty

Maternal/Fetal/Newborn Health
Women’s Health
Population Health
Clinical Epidemiology/Clinical Trials

Co-Theme Leader, Maternal Child Health
Senior Scholar, Child and Family Research Institute
Faculty, Women’s Health Research Institute

Awards for Teaching
Killam Teaching Prize, UBC Faculty of Medicine, 2010

Awards for Scholarship
2012 Nominee, Society for Women’s Health Research Excellence in Women’s Health Journalism Award, Internet Category
2012 Nominee, 2012 YWCA Women of Distinction Award.
2011 Distinguished Alumni of the Year, University of Washington, School of Public Health and Community Medicine.
2011 Award of Excellence, (nominated) UBC Faculty of Medicine.
2010 President’s Award for Public Education through Media
2010 Senior Scholar Award, Child and Family Research Institute
2007 Early Career Scholar Award, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies
2006 Scholar Award, Child and Family Research Institute
2003 Incentive Award, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research
2003 Award of Distinction, University of British Columbia, School of Nursing
2003 Award for Excellence in Research, Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia
2002 New Investigator, Canadian Institute for Health Research
2001 Scholar Award, Michael Smith Foundation

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SPPH 502 Introduction to Epidemiological Methods
SPPH 537 Perinatal Epidemiology

Postdoctoral Fellows:
Gillian Hanley
Kathrin Stoll

Caitlin Frame

Celeste Bickford
Kristi McIntosh
Chris Laugen
Sarah Munro

Current Research Projects:

Prediction of Cesarean Birth among Healthy Women
Diagnosis and Management of Dystocia
Validation of Janssen Standards for Intrauterine Fetal Growth
Impact of Exposure to Interpersonal Violence on Pregnancy Outcomes
Management of Early Labour
Outcomes and Costs Associated with Home Birth
Addiction in Pregnancy
Norms for Electronic Fetal Monitoring at Pre-term Gestations
Factors associated with Successful Re-integration of Women into Society after Leaving Prison

Major grants:

Evaluation of maternity care in the Canadian Western Arctic, $60,000, Alva Foundation
Early Labour Management, $24,000, CIHR
Unlocking the Gates to Health, $99,981, CIHR
Optimal Birth BC, $371,886 CIHR
Doing Time: A Time to Develop an Action Health Plan, $372,069 CIHR
Maternal Socioeconomic Status, Prenatal Mental Health and Psychotropic Medication Use, $100,000 CIHR
A Pilot Study of a Composite Fetal Health Assessment Strategy, $14,961, Nelly Auersperg