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My research aims to inform policies and practices in health through the application of health economics and decision theory. I started my career at the University of Sheffield, where I conducted research on the cost-effectiveness of drugs and technologies to inform the UK government (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence). I moved to Vancouver in 2004 and worked with the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences.

I earned degrees in mathematics, health services research and health economics from the University of Sheffield. I received post-doctoral training  at UBC

Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcomes Sciences
Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation
Arthritis Research Canada

CIHR New Investigator Award (2014-2019)

CADTH Maurice McGregor Award, Rising Star in HTA (2016)

Selection recent publications by research theme (full publications available here)

 Patient Decision Making

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Measurement of Preferences

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Cost-effectiveness analysis

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Meta-Analysis and Network Meta-analysis

  • Kanters S, Vitoria M, Doherty M, Socias ME, Ford N, Forrest JI, Popoff E, Bansback N, Nsanzimana S, Thorlund K, Mills EJ. Comparative efficacy and safety of first-line antiretroviral therapy for the treatment of HIV infection: a systematic review and network meta-analysis. The Lancet HIV. 2016. In Press
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SPPH 514 Decision Analysis in Health care
SPHA 542 Operations and logistics

Currently supervising:

Logan Trenaman (PhD candidate)

Steve Kanters (PhD candidate)

Ian Cromwell (PhD candidate)

James Hicklin (MSc candidate, Pharm Sci)

Rebecca Metcalfe (PhD student)

Samantha Pollard (Phd candidate) (co supervising with Dr. Stirling Bryan)

My research uses various forms of decision analysis to improve health. Methodological areas of research include measuring and valuing health, economic evaluation and network meta-analysis.

An emerging research focus of mine seeks to improve decision making at the patient/physician consultation using decision support tools. See for more information.

Funding opportunities for Masters and PhD students who have a background in health economics, operations research or psychology of decision making. Send CV and explanation of your interest.