PhD (Harvard), MSc (London School of Economics), BA&Sc (McMaster)
Rm 201, 2206 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3
phone: 6048223514
fax: 6048225690

Dr. Michael Law holds the Canada Research Chair in Access to Medicines and is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, School of Population and Public Health, at the University of British Columbia.

Michael’s research program focuses on pharmaceutical policy. His work focuses on access to and the use of prescription drugs, including the affordability of prescription drugs, private drug insurance, generic drug pricing, and the impact of pharmacist prescribing. His research program has attracted more than $2.5 million in research funding, including 4 operating grants from CIHR as principal investigator.

He has been published in leading medical journals, including BMJ, Archives of Internal Medicine, and CMAJ. This work has been featured in news media such as New Scientist, Forbes, the Globe & Mail, and USA Today. He has also authored commentaries that have appeared in the Toronto Star and Vancouver Sun. His research has had a major impact on generic drug pricing in Canada, leading to policy changes that have saved governments the country more than $100 million every year. He has also taught courses on observational research methodology in several countries.

Since his appointment at UBC he has received several notable awards, including a Distinguished Achievement Award from the UBC Faculty of Medicine (2012), the Labelle Lectureship at McMaster University, the 2011 Paper of the Year Award from the Canadian Institute for Health Services and Policy Research, a Canadian Institutes of Health Research New Investigator Award, and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar Award.

Prior to joining UBC, he completed a PhD in Health Policy at Harvard University and a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School, where he trained in research methods and statistics. He has also completed an MSc from the London School of Economics, and worked as a research associate at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications
Law MR, Kratzer J, Dhalla IA. The Increasing Inefficiency of Private Health Insurance in Canada. CMAJ 2014. Published online first March 24, 2014.

Law MR, Daw JR, Cheng L, Morgan SG. Growth in out-of-pocket health care expenditures by Canadian households. Health Policy 2013;110(2):141-146.

Law MR. Money left on the table: Generic drug prices in Canada. Healthcare Policy 2013;8(3):17-25.

Law MR, Kratzer J. The Road to Competitive Generic Drug Prices in Canada. CMAJ 2013;185(13):1141-1144.

Law MR, Cheng L, Dhalla IA, Heard D, Morgan SG. The Effect of Cost on Adherence to Prescription Medications in Canada. CMAJ 2012; 184(3):297-302.

Law MR, Kawasumi Y, Morgan SG. Despite Law, Fewer Than One In Eight Completed Studies Of Drugs And Biologics Are Reported On Time On Health Affairs 2011; 30(12):2338-2345.

Law MR, Grépin KA, Is newer always better? Re-evaluating the benefits of newer pharmaceuticals. Journal of Health Economics. 2010. 29(5): 743-750.

Law MR, Soumerai SB, Adams AS, Majumdar SR. Costs and consequences of direct-to-consumer advertising for clopidogrel in Medicaid. Arch Intern Med. 2009 Nov 23;169(21):1969-74.

Law MR, Majumdar SR, Soumerai SB. Effect of illicit direct to consumer advertising on use of etanercept, mometasone, and tegaserod in Canada: controlled longitudinal study. BMJ. 2008 Sep 2;337:a1055.

Selected Commentary
Law MR. It is time to reconsider private drug plans for public employees. The Vancouver Sun. July 12, 2013.

Law MR, Kratzer J. Manufacturing Anxiety about Generic Drug Prices. The Toronto Star. November 4, 2012.

Law MR. Canadians pay too much for generic drugs. The Toronto Star. September 27, 2012.

Law MR. Should BC Follow or Lead on Generic Drug Pricing? Vancouver Sun. March 14, 2012.

SPPH 548 Health Services Research Methods

Graduate Students
Rachel McKay – PhD Student
Sean Skeldon – MSc Student
Fidela Mushashi – MSc Student

Online Teaching
ITS: Policy Analysis Using Interrupted Time Series on

Research Grants as Principal Investigator

  1. Cost-related nonadherence to prescription drugs: A multi-method study, CIHR Operating Grant, 2013-2017, $674,840.
  2. Impact of physician detailing and sampling for generic atorvastatin, CIHR Operating Grant, 2013-2016, $261,192.
  3. For Whom the Bill Tolls: Private Drug Insurance in Canada, CIHR Operating Grant, 2010-2012, $222,084.
  4. Effects of Prescription Adaptation and Renewal by Pharmacists, CIHR Operating Grant, 2010-2013, $309,471.
  5. Career Investigator Scholar Award, MSFHR, 2012-2020, $635,000.
  6. New Investigator Award, CIHR, 2010-2015, $300,000.