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Dr. Bartlett is a Professor in the School of Population & Public Health, Occupational and Environmental Health Division, in the Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia. She holds a Masters degree in Occupational Hygiene and a doctorate in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of British Columbia. She received post doctoral training in inhalation toxicology at the University of Iowa School of Public Health.

She was a British Columbia Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar from 2002 – 2007. She received a Killam Graduate Teaching Award in 2011.

Divison of Occupational and Environmental Health

Killam Graduate Teaching Award – 2011

Special Publications:
Knowledge translation videos – Tick Talk (Protective Behaviours)

Selected Publications
Montgomery, JF, Storey, S, Bartlett, K. Comparison of the IAQ in an office operating with natural or mechanical ventilation using short-term intensive pollutant monitoring. DOI: 10.1177/1420326X14530999 published online 20 April 2014 Indoor and Built Enviornment.

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SPPH 535 Principles of Occupational and Environmenal Hygiene
SPPH 533 Public Health Toxicology

Ivan Cheung (MSc OEH candidate)

Jesse Cooper (MSc OEH candidate)

Bojosi Gamontle (PhD candidate)

Dr. Bartlett’s research interests include indoor air quality, bioaerosol exposures in work and community environments, particularly in rural or agricultural settings. She is committed to communicating research findings accessible to the public. In addition to being an author of 90 peer reviewed publications, she is the executive producer of an animated video on ticks, and has appeared in Discovery Channel, CBC and PBS documentaries.