I am a vaccine safety scientist at the Vaccine Evaluation Center, a leading center for applied vaccine research in Canada. My research interests include vaccine safety and vaccine preventable diseases, as well as attitudes and beliefs around immunization uptake and use. I am also the epidemiologist for the Immunization Monitoring Program, Active, a national surveillance system for vaccine preventable diseases and vaccine adverse events in 12 pediatric tertiary care centers across Canada. I lead PCIRN’s National Ambulatory Network, a national surveillance system monitoring the safety of influenza vaccines in Canada.

Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Career Award

phone: 6048752422
fax: 6048752635
Room A5-178, BC Children’s Hospital, 940 W. 28th Ave.
Vancouver, BC

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Graduate Students
Gareth Mercer, MD/PhD student
Amy Slogrove, PhD student
Amy Schneeberg, PhD student
MPH practicum students: Emily LaFlamme, Laura Ball, Michelle Chang

Research Areas
Vaccine preventable diseases: meningococcal, pneumococcal, influenza, rotavirus

Vaccine safety


Immunization knowledge, attitudes and beliefs

Population health

Infectious disease epidemiology

Current Projects

Population based active surveillance for meningococcal infections in adults and children across Canada

Evaluation of meningococcal immunization programs across Canada

Immunization Monitoring Program, Active (IMPACT): hospital-based active surveillance for vaccine preventable diseases and adverse events following immunization

Parental attitudes about rotavirus vaccination

Parental attitudes about immunization after an adverse event following immunization