PhD Industrial Engineering, MSc Ergonomics/Kinesiology, Certified Professional Ergonomist (BCPE and CCCPE)
2220 Badger Rd
North Vancouver, BC V7G 1T1
phone: 6049297243

Judy Village is a Certified Professional Ergonomist in Canada and the US with 28 years of experience in applied research, consulting and education in ergonomics. She has taught the ergonomics course at UBC since the Occupational Hygiene program began in 1993. She recently completed her PhD in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Ryerson University. Her doctoral work with BlackBerry Ltd focused on finding ways to integrate ergonomics and human factors into design of production assembly lines. Her main contribution was a grounded theory about how ergonomists acclimated and aligned ergonomics to be more engineering-like such that it was seen to contribute to the company’s strategic goals. Her research interests include improving design of workplaces to prevent musculoskeletal injuries, ergonomics regulations, whole body vibration and participatory ergonomics. Ms. Village was formerly on the Board of Directors for the Canadian College for Professional Ergonomists, and is a frequent reviewer for ergonomics journals. She has numerous publications and is frequently an invited speaker at conferences nationally and internationally.

Alexander Graham Bell Scholarship, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

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