Rm 570-47, St. Paul’s Hospital
Vancouver, BC
phone: 6048068377
fax: 6048068005

Programme Head, CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network

I received my training in clinical epidemiology at McMaster. I have spent many years involved in clinical trials in diverse areas. My primary focus is on clinical trial methodology and clinical trials in HIV/AIDS. I have a variety of other interests including the use of quality of life instruments in clinical trials. I also have particular content interest and experience in trials in the following areas: cardiovascular, renal, intensive care, emergency medicine, neonatology and health promotion.

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SPPH 512 Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials
SPHA 552 Design and Measurement II
DPAS Evidence-based Medicine Section
SPPH 502DL Epidemiological Methods 1

Graduate Student(s)
Amy Slogrove PhD
Mathew Wiens, PhD
Caren Rose PhD
Aaron Gelfund MSc

I am involved in methodological aspects of trials in a variety of clinical areas including HIV, obstetrics, cardiology, health promotion and rheumatology.