PhD, MEd (Primary Health Care), BSc
phone: 6046823269

Dr Farah Shroff, PhD, is a faculty member in the Department of Family Practice and the School of Population and Public Health in the UBC Faculty of Medicine. The emphasis in her research is on visioning and developing Health for All. Her main areas of research are 1) holistic health (mind-body approaches to health; spirituality and health) 2) community development for health and social justice (social determinants of health); 3) health system design and delivery. Her book, The New Midwifery: Reflections on Renaissance and Regulation, was published in 1997. Since then, Dr. Shroff has written more about women’s health, HIV/AIDS, health policy, nursing, registered massage therapy, international health, innovative health care delivery and design and more.

Dr Shroff also conducts research, writing, facilitation and more as a consultant. She is also a teacher of yoga, dance, martial arts, meditation and more.

Over the past years I have mentored students, internationally educated physicians (IMGs–International Medical Graduates) and others in research skills. They include:

Sundeep Dhaliwal, BSc, MD (The Caribbean)

Danny Kuo, BSc, MD (Phillipines)

Sayed Subzwari MD (Pakistan)

Inderjeet Sahota, MSc

Melody Lotfi, BA

Health advocacy (work on the social determinants of health):
a) “Inspiring Health Advocacy in Family Medicine: A Qualitative Study” Education for Health 11 (online), 2011: 534. Authors: Mu L, Shroff F, Dharamsi S

b) Ebooklet “ The Health Advocate Role: Preparing Future Physicians for Socially Responsive Practice”
Authors Shafik Dharamsi, Jo-Ann Osei-Twum, Farah Shroff, Lisa Mu, Robert Woollard

c) Video of presentation at Medical Education Rounds “Preparing Post-Graduate Medical Educators to Teach Health Advocacy”:

Holism—Conceptual, Theoretical and Historical Perspectives
a) “Holism in International, Interdisciplinary Perspective” Social Theory and Health, June 8, 2011:

b) “We are all One”, chapter in a book on Indigenous Knowledge:

c) “Power Politics and the Takeover of Holistic Health in North America: a brief historical analysis” Pimatisiwin: A Journal of Aboriginal and Indigenous Community Health 9(1): 129-52; 2011

Registered Massage Therapy
a) “The perspectives of educators, regulators and funders of massage therapy on the state of the profession in British Columbia, Canada” in Chiropractic & Manual Therapies; 21:2; 2013,
DOI: 10.1186/2045-709X-21-2;
Authors: Shroff M Farah, Sahota S Inderjeet

b) “Massage Therapy and Labour Outcomes: A Randomized Controlled Trial” in International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork 5(4):15-20;2012
Authors: Janssen Patti, Shroff Farah & Jaspar Paula

c) “How can massage therapy move forward? Registered Massage Therapists touch on key points shaping their profession in British Columbia, Canada” in Home Health Care Management & Practice 24(4): 182-92; 2012
Authors: Shroff M Farah, Sahota S Inderjeet

4. “Holistic Health and People With Spinal Cord Injuries: Results of a Pilot Study With Canadian Rehabilitation Health Care Providers “ in Home Health Care Management and Practice 2013 forthcoming
Authors: Farah M Shroff and Inderjeet S Sahota

5. Yoga
a) “The Joyous Yoni: A yogic exploration of women’s sexual exultation” in Journal of International Women’s Studies 8(4): 182-94

b) “We are all One! A Yogic travel tale” in Journal of Post-Colonial Societies, Vol. 1 & 2 January-April: 124-8; 2011

c) Handouts available on request: “A Primer on Yoga”; “Relaxation Techniques in Yoga”; “The Chakras”; “Basic Yoga Style Guide”

6. Pay for Performance Financing Mechanisms in Health Care (in Turkish but I can send you the English version):

7. Nursing Policy Issues: social determinants of health; primary care; harm reduction; patient focused funding; nursing leadership; autonomy; nursing workload and patient safety; mandated nurse: patient ratios:

8. Innovations and Transformations in Health Care Delivery and Design; paper for the Institute for Health System Transformation and Sustainability to the Board Chairs and CEOs of BC’s Health Authorities

9. Travel Articles:

10. Education in the Diaspora video:

11. Social Justice and Health Talk—Press Release and Report:

12. In Progress
a) Nigerian women’s health status
b) African traditional health care
c) Mental Health, Deinsitutionalization and Holism
d) Triple Aim: Better Health, Better Care and Better Cost for Global Maternal Health
e) Elder Zarthusti Women’s Oral Herstories
f) Sympto-thermal methods of contraception
g) Massage therapy in cultural context
h) Best practices in palliative care
i) Holistic health practices of people with spinal cord injuries


Travel Articles

Overview of Global Health
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