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Erica Frank, MD, MPH, is the Canada Research Chair in Preventive Medicine and Population Health, and a Professor in UBC’s School of Population and Public Health.

Dr. Frank’s research has demonstrated the strong and consistent relationship between physicians’ personal and clinical prevention habits. She is the Principal Investigator of four large (n>3,000) national physician and medical student health studies (in Canada, Israel, and the U.S.), and of a 4-year-long health promotion initiative in 17 US medical schools, with significant positive effects in both student and patient outcomes.

Dr. Frank is also the Founder, President, and Research Director of www.NextGenU.org, the world’s first portal to free, accredited higher education, developed in partnership with leading universities, professional societies, and government organizations, including Grand Challenges Canada, the U.S. CDC, World Bank, and the World Health Organization. Dr. Frank’s team creates and tests the effects of these competency-based courses (currently in use in 145 countries). These include web-based didactics, a global peer community of practice, and local, skills-based mentorships, creating unprecedentedly accredited, free, high-quality medical and public health school courses, residency programs (starting with Pediatrics, Preventive Medicine, and Family Medicine), and Community Health Worker trainings, all available for testing and research.

Following a transitional internship at the Cleveland Clinic, she was preventive medicine residency (Yale, 1990) and fellowship (Stanford, 1993) trained in preventive medicine. She has traveled and worked in 60 countries, and has published 140 peer-reviewed articles. Dr. Frank has been the Co-Editor in Chief of the journal Preventive Medicine (1994-1999), and the Editor of the student component of JAMA (1987-1988). She has also served as the U.S. President of Physicians for Social Responsibility (2008), was the co-designer and owner of the only energy-independent home in Georgia (1997-2006), and serves as Research Director for the Annenberg Physician Training Program (2005-present), and as a thrice-elected city councillor (2008-2013).

Dr. Frank has received a number of awards for her work, including the 1987 AMA-Pettis Award (best U.S. medical student communicator), AOA membership (U.S. medical honor society), the outstanding alumnus award from Princeton Day School and Emory University’s School of Public Health, and the American College of Preventive Medicine’s awards for Rising Star (1996), Best Scientific Presentation (1999), and Distinguished Service (2011).