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Dr. Patrick has trained in infectious diseases and epidemiology.

His research interests centre around interdisciplinary approaches to managing emerging infectious diseases. Examples:

  • Institution and evaluation of programs to control antimicrobial misuse and curb antibiotic resistance.
  • Linking clinical, epidemiological and genomic sciences to explore etiology of idiopathic chronic diseases

He is an associate member of the UBC Faculty of Dentistry in the department of Oral Health Sciences.

Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Public Health Practice. BC Centre for Disease Control.
Oral Health Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, UBC

A few examples:

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SPPH 520 Control of Communicable Diseases
Lectures in SPPH 502 (Epidemiology), 523 (Global Health), 524 (Biological Basis of Public Health Practice)
MEDD 410 Undergraduate Medical Curriculum (Introduction to Microbiology and Infectious Disease)

PhD Students:
Rachel McKay
Kaylee Byers
Negar Chavoshi
David Roth

MSc Students:
Michelle Coombe
Post-Doctoral Fellows:
Ruth Miller
Farshad Pourmalek