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The goal of my research is to improve the lives of patients that require medications by developing new tools for safer and more effective health care based upon an individual’s genetic blueprint. The debilitating and sometimes lethal consequences of severe adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are a striking problem in modern medicine. The consequences for patients who experience severe ADRs can be catastrophic. In Canada, severe ADRs claim an estimated 10,000-21,800 lives each year and cause many more life-long disabilities. My research seeks to identify factors that contribute to severe ADRs, including genetic susceptibility. One strategy to do this is to compare patients who have either developed a serious ADR to a particular drug with patients that have received the same medication but did not develop an ADR. Together with other professors at UBC and from across Canada, Dr. Ross helped establish the ‘Canadian Pharmacogenomics Network for Drug Safety’, a Canada-wide network of 13 pediatric teaching hospitals working together to identify and recruit patients that have developed severe ADRs, and matched control patients. The goal of this research is to identifying the genetic and/or factors of severe adverse drug reactions. The ultimate goal of this research is to prevent severe ADRs by identifying those patients at greatest risk of an ADR before the drug is administered.