BSc Chem/Math (1965 ) University of Victoria, MSc Nuclear Chem/Biochemistry (1969) Simon Fraser University, PhD Biochem/Electrophysiology (1973) Simon Fraser University, Post Doc Clincal Chemistry (1973) University Western Ontario
Rm 261, 2206 East Mall
phone: 6048225688
fax: 6048224994

Dr. van Netten’s research area is environmental toxicology with projects examining the use of electrodiagnostics to monitor worker exposure to agents that effect the peripheral nervous system, biological uptake and transfer of naturally occurring Uranium from regional deposits by plants and animals, and the dependence of this uptake on the presence or absence of other elements, identification of indoor air pollution associated with health problems, radon exposure in the home environment, and risk assessment and communication. Recent areas of interest are looking at the feasibility of using his patented sampler in aircraft to measure exposures of crew members and passengers to components of jet engine oil which are known to be neurotoxic.