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Carolyn Gotay, PhD, FCAHS is Professor and Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) Chair in Cancer Primary Prevention at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She also holds an appointment at the BC Cancer Agency. Dr. Gotay received her PhD in psychology from the University of Maryland, and she came to UBC in 2008 after positions at Gettysburg College, the University of Calgary, the (US) National Cancer Institute, and the University of Hawaii.

Her long career in cancer prevention and control research includes leadership experience in academia and in the community. She has published more than 175 manuscripts and has received national and international support for her research.

In 2011, she received the President’s Award from the International Society of Quality of Life Research for her activities in cancer prevention and control research, and in 2013, she was awarded a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee award for her work with the Canadian Cancer Society.


She presently chairs the CCS Research Institute (CCSRI)’s End 1 Development Committee and is Vice Chair of the CCSRI Advisory Council on Research. Dr. Gotay is also a member of the Quality of Life Committee for the CCSRI-supported Clinical Trials Group and the Population Health Committee for the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. Her research is funded by CCSRI, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. One of her major projects is serving as Director for the Cancer Prevention Centre, a partnership between the Canadian Cancer Society and the University of British Columbia.


A list of Dr. Gotay’s publications is available at

Graduate Students:

MSc: Christine D’Cruz, Julia Dunn, Candace Chan, Angelica Leon, Narsis Afghari
PhD: Molly Sweeney Magee

Dr. Gotay’s major focus is cancer prevention research and building the Cancer Prevention Centre, which is a partnership of the Canadian Cancer Society and University of British Columbia. The Cancer Prevention Centre conducts research on primary cancer prevention, evaluates programs that promote community health and help individuals reduce their cancer risk, and engages in outreach to modify risk factors associated with developing cancer. The Centre partners with academics, community organizations, health care organizations, policy-makers, and others to help prevent cancer.

Past and current projects include eliminating occupational exposure to carcinogens, assessing worksite health promotion programs, reducing breast cancer risks, improving sleep quality to reduce breast cancer-related impacts of shiftwork, and improving health outcomes for prostate cancer patients.

Dr. Gotay is active in national cancer organizations including the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, the National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group, and the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute, where she serves as Founding Chair of the End 1 (Prevention) Development Committee.