BA, MA, PhD (Psychology)
Rm 425, 2206 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3
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I am Director of the UBC Centre for Population Health Promotion Research & a Full Professor in the School of Population & Public Health (Medicine), and the College for Interdisciplinary Studies. I am trained as a clinical psychologist. In the past 10 years, I have co-led more than 115 health-promotion research projects including many graduate research studies. I have had many Interdisciplinary & Departmental Graduate Students (Adult Education, Audiology, Commerce, Ed Studies, Healthcare Admin, HCEP, Human Kinetics, Nutrition, Planning, PoliSci, Psychology, and RMES). I have done research with colleagues from 34 disciplines/departments at UBC (and elsewhere) from Aboriginal Studies to Urban Studies. I have authored papers on community participation, mental health and population health, health impact assessment and participatory research. Prior work includes research on regional health boards; and national studies of measures of the health of communities, provincial health goals and development of criteria for health promotion in primary care. Current projects focus on health promotion and homelessness, community health & health literacy, and poverty & nutrition. I created a course (IHHS 200) on meaning, measurement and determinants of health, and I am designing a ‘Health 101’ course for the DTES. I was co-principal investigator on a 6-year, CIHR research-training program focused on community health promotion. I served for years as Chair of the Sociobehavioural Ethics Review Committee at UBC. I am a Member of the Board of the Lookout Homeless Shelter. I am also a member of International Advisory Committee for Australia’s Health Inequalities Research Collaboration and the Advisory Committee for the National Collaborating Centre on Social Determinants of Health (Canada). I am a co-PI on the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s longitudinal study of the benefits of supportive housing for persons with mental health & addictions issues.

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Work in Progress (including degree of completion)
Frankish J. Homelessness in Canada. Invited Editorial for the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

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Work Submitted
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SPPH 545 Directed Studies
IHHS 200 Determinants of Health
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Ethical Issues in Community-Based Research
Issues in Transdisciplinary Community-Based Research

Health Inequities

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Health Literacy

Homelessness & Health

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Health promotion in primary care

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Measurement of health literacy, and health literacy in schools

Role of health regions in addressing non-medical determinants of health

Report Card on the 2010 Olympics as a Catalyst for a Healthy Community

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