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Bev Holmes, PhD

As Interim President & CEO of the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, Bev draws upon a wealth of experience in health research, practice and policy.

Her commitment to integrating these disciplines has seen her head up the Foundation’s research and impact initiatives whilst also serving as executive and interim lead of the BC Academic Health Science Network and the BC SUPPORT Unit, respectively.

Since joining MSFHR in 2010, Bev has helped establish MSFHR’s reputation as a leader in knowledge translation, facilitated efforts to establish a strategic direction for provincial health research and supported the Foundation through a period of organizational redesign and program expansion. Most recently, during her time as vice-president, research & impact, she was responsible for funding programs, knowledge translation, provincial projects, and impact analysis.

Before joining MSFHR, Bev spent 13 years as a health communications and knowledge translation consultant, researcher and writer. She has held communications management positions in several not-for-profit organizations including The Arthritis Society and United Way of the Lower Mainland, and remains an active member of the health research community.

Bev received both her MA and PhD from SFU’s School of Communication and currently holds adjunct appointments at UBC’s School of Population and Public Health and SFU’s Faculty of Health Sciences. Her research interests include knowledge translation, discourse analysis, health communication, risk communication, and public involvement in health research. She is increasingly called on to publish and present internationally on how best to support the translation of research evidence into policy and practice, especially from a funder’s perspective

2009 Emergency Preparedness Conference Scholarship in Emergency Communication, Simon Fraser University (SFU)

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Book Chapters

Riley, B., Willis, C.D., Holmes, B.J., Finegood, D., Best, A., and McIsaac, J.L.D. (2nd edition. 2018) Systems Thinking and Dissemination and Implementation Research. In Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health: Translating Science to Practice. Editors: R.C. Brownson, G.A. Colditz, E.K. Proctor. New York: Oxford University Press.

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Other Publications

Paper presentation: Lead author “Knowledge-to-Action: Addressing Complex Problems in Health Systems”. Presented at Green paper stakeholder consultation, Health Foundation, London, UK – May 2015.

Opinion piece: “Stronger Voice for the Public Needed in Health Research” the Vancouver Sun – January 2014.

Book review: New Media & Society (2008): M. Murero, & R. Rice, (Eds.) (2006). The Internet and health care: Theory, research and practice. New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

SPPH 581N Knowledge Translation in Population and Public Health

Risk communication
Health communication
Knowledge translation
Dissemination & implementation research
Discourse analysis
Qualitative research
Media studies
Strategic communication
Writing and editing
Public/Patient engagement