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Dr. Anis is a Professor in the School of Population and Public Health (SPPH) at the University of British Columbia (UBC), a respected health economist and sought-after speaker on the topic of economic evaluation and resource allocation for health care interventions. His primary areas of expertise include Canadian competition policy in the pharmaceutical industry and the cost-effectiveness of treatments for HIV/AIDS and rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Anis is the Director of the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcomes Sciences (CHÉOS), one of the largest and most productive multidisciplinary health outcomes research groups in Canada. He is also the National Director of the CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network (CTN), a Senior Scientist at the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada, and a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. Between 2008 and 2013 Dr. Anis was the Co-Lead of the Health Services and Systems theme at SPPH.

Dr. Anis’s research activities have been extensive. His earliest research into the pharmaceutical industry demonstrated that pricing regulations as they were being implemented by provincial drug plans were responsible for higher generic drug prices in Canada. As the founding director of the Pharmacoeconomic Initiative of BC, Dr. Anis developed a framework under which pharmaceutical firms seeking to list drugs on the provincial formulary were required to submit cost-effectiveness data to inform the government’s decision. In the 1990s, Dr. Anis was among the first scholars worldwide to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of anti-retroviral therapy (ART) and his work helped shape economic policies governing access to this critical treatment for persons living with HIV/AIDS. As an expert in cost-effectiveness analysis, Dr. Anis has also made important contributions to arthritis research. In the area of rheumatoid arthritis, Dr. Anis has been involved in several influential studies of biologic therapies, which have informed reimbursement policies surrounding these treatments in Canada and the UK.

For the past 19 years, Dr. Anis has played an integral role in educating students in health economics and related disciplines. He was responsible for the design of a novel curriculum and delivery format for the Master of Health Administration program at UBC, comprised of 1.5 credit modules taught during weekends in partnership with the Sauder School of Business. This program has become one of the most successful new programs at UBC, training future health care administrators while they maintain relevant employment in the field. Dr. Anis was also responsible for the establishment of an MD/MHA program, currently being piloted with 2 MD students. As a Professor, Dr. Anis is committed to positive and fruitful working relationships with trainees, and has supervised 25 Master’s and 16 PhD students over the last 21 years. The success of his trainees and staff is a top priority for Dr. Anis and he values the energy and dedication of his wide network of colleagues and students.

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Some non-health-economic outliers: 

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SPHA 531 Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programs (MHA Program)
SPPH 541 Economic Evaluation (Winter term)

Current Ph.D. Students:

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