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Arminée Kazanjian, is Professor, School of Population and Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. A Sociologist by training, she was founding Director of the British Columbia Office of Health Technology Assessment at UBC (1991-2002), and served as Director of the Health Human Resources Unit at UBC from 1988 to 2002. She was also Associate Director, UBC Centre for Health Services & Policy Research, 1988-2002. Dr. Kazanjian is currently the co-lead of the Canadian Cancer Survivorship Research Consortium (CCSRC) and Co-Director of the Survivorship Research Centre at BCCA.

A Sociologist by training and an internationally known health services researcher, Dr. Kazanjian’s most recent work is in cross-cultural cancer care, from prevention to palliation, and psychosocial oncology. As the scientific lead and Co-PI on two CIHR-funded survivorship initiatives: the New Emerging Team for Palliative Care in Cross Cultural Context: A NET for Equitable and Quality Cancer Care for Culturally Diverse Populations (2005- 2011), and the CIHR Team for Supportive Cancer Care (2007-present), her work is focused on the development of tools, empirical and conceptual, used to frame research questions pertaining to survivorship, vulnerable populations, and access to appropriate and quality cancer care. Most recently, Dr. Kazanjian has worked in collaboration with the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) to develop and implement a Knowledge Exchange – Decision Support Model (KEDS). The KE-DS Model is a practical model designed to delineate how research and other evidence is incorporated in developing policy and clinical practice.

Dr. Kazanjian and her research team have developed a knowledge translation model and toolkit that aims to increase access to supportive care for cancer survivors and their families.


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Book Chapters

1.     Howard, A.F., Balneaves, L.G., & Kazanjian, A. (2013). Mastectomy to prevent breast cancer: Psychosocial aspects of women’s decision making. In B.I. Carr & J.L. Steel (Eds.), Psychological Aspects of Cancer. NY: Springer.

SPPH 543 Outcome Evaluation: Health Technology Assessment for Population Health Policy
SPPH 526 Leadership in Public Health

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Areas of Specialty or Interest:

Cancer Survivorship
Knowledge Exchange and Translation
Psychosocial oncology
Palliative care in cross-cultural context
Vulnerable populations, including women’s, immigrants’ and rural health
Socio-behavioural research in health services utilization
Health technology assessment, systematic reviews and research synthesis
Health workforce planning and modelling of supply/demand
Health policy analysis and outcome evaluation
Population-based administrative data analysis and linkage