Poster Presentations


Poster Presentations

P-01 | After the Dust Settles: A Qualitative Descriptive Study of Underground Workers Who Received Aluminum Dust Prophylaxis
Danielle Aubin

P-02 | Accessing Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorder Risk Perception Among Recently Relocated Syrian Refugees in Canada and Testing an Approach to Change Perceptions of Risk for Common Lifting Tasks
Roghiyeh Nazari

P-03 | A world without rules: Navigating health and safety in the Airbnb marketplace
Julia Goyal

P-04 | Blue Collar Work: Looking at Interactions with Health and Ageing
Teeyaa Nur

P-05 | Differences in disability management claims and the return to process of first responders compared to high and low physical demand occupations
Shannon Killip

P-06 | Assessing high quality employment counselling on the mental health of individuals with mobility impairments
Sean Tucker

P-07 | Analysis of Engagement Between Ethics and Return-to-Work RTW Discourses in Respective Academic Literature
Wentao Li

P-08 | Exposure reduction strategies for diesel engine exhaust: Developing infographics for primary prevention
Katherine Jardine

P-09 | Thinking like a social entrepreneur to take research to market
Kim Slade

P-10 | First-line healthcare providers for injured workers: what is their influence in return to work? A four jurisdiction critical interpretive comparison
Anne Hudon

P-11 | Organizational factors associated with the implementation of occupational health and safety and wellness activities in Ontario
Aviroop Biswas

P-12 | TRRUST youth aging out of care employment survey
Annie Smith

P-13 | Systematically reviewing range of motion assessment for determining permanent functional impairment of the spine
Suelen M. Goes

P-14 | Ontario’s Occupational Disease Action Plan: Aligning the provincial health and safety system towards occupational disease prevention
Victoria Arrandale

P-15 | Expenditures on occupational health and safety for a representative sample of Canadian employers
Cameron Mustard

P-16 | Counting Occupational Carcinogens: The Importance of Occupational Exposures in Cancer Prevention
Katherine Jardine

P-17 | The Impact of Workplace Harassment on Mental Health and Self-Reported Health in the US Working Population
Allyson O’Connor

P-18 | Twenty-five years of claims data for compensated occupational illnesses – What has changed?
Mieke Koehoorn

P-19 | “I don’t have the opportunity to prove myself”: Syrian refugee women experiences of searching for and securing work in Canada
Sonja Senthanar

P-20 | Shiftwork and breast, ovarian and prostate cancer in a Canadian population-based cohort CanCHEC
M. Anne Harris

P-21 | Functional impairment in workers with Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome HAVS: A retrospective chart review
Diandra Budd

P-22 | Determinants of Sleep Quality in Workers within a Canadian Mining Workforce
Alexie Dennie

P-23 | How are the Psychosocial and Physical Work Environments Associated with Latent Smoking Trajectories? A 16-year Study of the Canadian Workforce
Kathleen Dobson

P-24 | Perfect Strangers: Benefits and barriers in the collaboration of health science and organizational behaviour researchers
Arif Jetha

P-25 | Using research to drive integration of health and safety behaviours in the workplace
Delia Roberts

P-26 | Resident Physicians: Mental Health Experiences, Resources, and Challenges in Post-Graduate Medical Education – A Case Study of Ontario
Nabeelah Ahmed

P-27 | The impact of worksite mental health interventions on work-related outcomes: A Systematic Review
Aikaterini Grimani

P-28 | Health and wellness of Canadian mining workers: predictors of stress-related symptoms and illnesses
Caroline Dignard

P-29 | The impact of workers’ compensation claim maturity on OHS indicators
Martin Lebeau

P-30 | International Efforts to Establish Policies and Regulations in Engineered Nanomaterials
Byron Gates

P-31 | Outcomes of a participatory ergonomics study for musculoskeletal risk reduction in coreshacks
Tammy Eger

P-32 | Investigating worker concerns over excess mortality at an automotive electronics manufacturing facility in Alabama, U.S.A.
Nathan DeBono

P-33 | Testing the hand dermatitis screening tool in the home healthcare sector
Kathryn Nichol

P-34 | Monte Carlo Simulation to Reconstruct Silica Exposure in the Ontario Mining Industry
Nicola Blagrove-Hall

P-35 | An update to CAREX Canada’s estimates of exposure to shiftwork in Canada
Elizabeth Rydz

P-37 | Analysis of the National Fire Information Database to identify Canadian firefighters’ injuries in relation to fire response characteristics
Kathryn E. Sinden

P-38 | Health and Safety in Nail Salons: A Survey in Toronto, Canada
Sadaf Sanaat

P-39 | Does place of residence affect work disability duration? A comparative analysis of six Canadian workers’ compensation systems
Robert Macpherson

P-40 | A new Bayesian calculation platform for the interpretation of occupational exposure levels compared to exposure limits
Jérôme Lavoué

P-41 | Workplace training for preventing work-related skin disease: quantitative and qualitative studies to explore worker experience
Victoria Arrandale

P-42 | ROPS compliance and tractor type in Atlantic Canada: results from a study assessing need for and interest in a low cost ROPS intervention
Barbara Neis