Parallel Session IV


Tuesday 10:30–11:45 am | Parallel Session IV

A. Trends in Occupational Diseases – session will be 15 minutes longer

Chair: Paul Demers
Port of Vancouver

New onset dermatitis among Ontarian workers: Results from the Occupational Disease Surveillance System (ODSS)
Sharara Shakik

New Onset Adult Asthma (NOAA) Among Ontarian Workers: Results from the Occupational Disease Surveillance System (ODSS)
Chloe Logar-Henderson

Time trends for Chronic Back Disorders: Results from the Canadian Community Health Survey
Adriana Angarita Fonseca

Patterns of Asbestos-Related Disease in Ontario
Paul Demers

Trends in Participation in Case-Control Studies of Occupational Risk Factors for Chronic Disease
M. Anne Harris

A multi-level longitudinal analysis of occupational sick leave associated with macroeconomic shifts from 2000-2015
Johannes Rebane

B. Knowledge Transfer Initiatives

Chair: Hugh Davies / Co-Chair: Sonja Senthanar
Port of Singapore

Documenting the uses of research: Institute for Work & Health research impact case studies
Monica Bienefeld

Communicating about Episodic Disabilities in the Workplace: Is the evidence being used?
Julie Bowring

How to Conduct Applied Workplace Health Research with Employers
Tyler Amell

Systematic review evidence in one minute or less
Dwayne Van Eerd

C. Preventing Occupational Injuries and Illnesses II

Chair: Cameron Mustard
Port of San Francisco

Impact of a Caregiver-Friendly Workplace Policy Intervention in the Education Sector: A Prospective Economic Evaluation
Amir Mofidi

The implementation of violence prevention policies and programs in hospitals
Cameron Mustard

The reporting and consequences of workplace violence in six Ontario hospitals
Peter Smith

Les travailleuses en maisons d’hébergement pour femmes et les risques psychotraumatiques : mise en oeuvre de mesures de prévention en santé et sécurité au travail
Shanie Roy

D. Returning-to-Work with a Mental Illness – session will be 15 minutes longer

Chair: Rebecca Gewurtz / Co-Chair: Danielle Aubin
Port of New York

Impact of anxiety and depression disorders on return-to-work transitions after musculoskeletal injury
Andrea Marie Jones

The Road from Welfare to Work for Recipients with Mental Illness: Who Travels It?
Pam Lahey

Negotiating Workplace Accommodations for Employees with Mental Illness
Rebecca Gewurtz

Supervisor and worker perspectives on workplace factors and job accommodations for mental health disorders in the workplace
Vicki Kristman

Cost-benefit Case Studies of Accommodated Workers from the Aspiring Workforce
Emile Tompa

Workplace Accommodation for People With Mental Health Problems: portrait of tribunal decisions and consequences for workers
Camille Lanthier Riopel