Parallel Session III


Monday 3:45–5:00 pm | Parallel Session III

A. Immigrants’ and Refugees’ Health and Safety

Chair: Stephanie Premji
Port of Vancouver

Safe employment integration of recent immigrants and refugees
Basak Yanar

Occupational exposures among nail technicians in Toronto, Ontario
Victoria H. Arrandale

Rehabilitation and Return-to-work Trajectories of Injured Immigrant Workers in the Greater Montréal Area: Factors Making “Vulnerability” a Complex and Systemic Issue
Sylvie Gravel

Return to Work in a Context of Language Barriers: A Comparative Study of Policies and Practices in Ontario and Quebec
Stephanie Premji

B. Preventing Occupational Injuries and Illnesses I

Chair: Emile Tompa
Port of Singapore

A 30-year Impact Analysis of the Implementation of Best Practices for Silica Dust Reduction in Construction: Costs, Benefits and Health Related Quality of Life
Emile Tompa

Utilizing Construction Safety Leading and Lagging Indicators to Measure Project Safety Performance: a case study
Katelyn Versteeg

Is COR associated with lower firm-level injury rates? An evaluation of the effect of an audit-based occupational health and safety recognition program on firm-level injury rates in Alberta, Canada
Robert Macpherson

Identifying career firefighters’ real-time physiological response during firefighting tasks: Implications for injury prevention
Sara Sayed

A Supervisor Training Program for Work Disability Prevention: Preliminary Results from a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
Joshua Armstrong

C. Return-to-work: Challenges for the precariously employed and mobile workforce

Chair: Katherine Lippel / Co-Chair: Allyson O’Connor
Port of San Francisco

Regulatory effectiveness of Canadian workers’ compensation return to work regimes applied to workers injured while precariously employed or engaged in employment-related mobility
Katherine Lippel

Access to workers’ compensation and return to work for precariously employed workers in Ontario
Ellen MacEachen

Work disability and return to work: Policy and program challenges for mobile workers
Dana Howse

“I was losing my family, not just my health and ability to earn a wage”: Return to work and ripple effects on family for precariously employed workers
Sonja Senthanar

Does home province matter? A study of return-to-work after occupational injury in Alberta
Whitney Haynes

D. Occupational Cancer

Chair: Tim Takaro / Co-Chair: Sabrina Gravel
Port of New York

Known workplace hazards, new cancer sites: the Ontario study of Diesel Exhaust and Cancer of the Kidney (ON-DECK)
Cheryl Peters

Estimating occupational exposure to second-hand smoke in Canada (CAREX Canada)
Elizabeth Rydz

Assessment of diesel exhaust exposure in municipal fire halls in Ontario
Sheila Kalenge

Documentation of occupation for patients with mesothelioma – interesting findings from a review of oncology medical records
Mieke Koehoorn

Estimating the Future Cancer Burden in Ontario Construction Workers
Chaojie Song