Parallel Session II


Monday 2:00-3:15 pm | Parallel Session II

A. New Horizons: Health Hazards in the Recycling Industry

Chair: Victoria Arrandale / Co-Chair: Julia Goyal
Port of Vancouver

Recycling is not all green: Workers’ exposure to metals and flame retardants in Quebec e-recycling facilities
Sabrina Gravel

Electronic waste recycling in Canada – Biomonitoring of workers’ exposure to flame retardants
Sabrina Gravel

Occupational health and safety conditions in recycling companies: new hiring niche for workers in precarious situations
Sylvie Gravel

Occupational exposure to flame retardants in a Canadian e-waste dismantling facility
Victoria H. Arrandale

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Occupational and Environmental Exposures in Composting
Karen Bartlett

B. Diversity in Research and Practice

Chair: Vicki Kristman / Co-Chair: Emily Reid-Musson
Port of Singapore

A novel approach for identifying migrant worker injuries in Canadian compensation claims data
Sean Tucker

Keeping the Boomers in the Labour Market: Examining Workplace Accommodation Needs of Older Workers Across Job Sectors
Joshua Armstrong

“This Permeates Far Beyond Just the Workplace”: The Importance of Respecting, Integrating and Incorporating Indigenous Ways of Living in the Workplace
Vicki Kristman

Mino-nokiiwin: Community-based Indigenous Occupational Health, Safety, and Compensation Experience in Northern Ontario
Nancy Lightfoot

CROSH country tour: identifying the occupational health and safety concerns of northern Ontario workers
Sandra Dorman

C. Health and Disability Policies

Chair: Mieke Koehoorn
Port of San Francisco

Mapping the Canadian Work Disability Policy System
Sally A. Kimpson

Supporting mobility to and within work with a physical disability: A scoping review
Dana Howse

Physiotherapy for injured workers in Canada: are current workers’ compensation and clinics’ policies threatening good quality and equity of care
Anne Hudon

Guides and Guilds in the Labyrinth: Perspectives of Labour Advocates on BC’s Work Disability System
Piotr Majkowski

D. Development and Implementation of Health and Safety Tools

Chair: Dwayne Van Eerd
Port of New York

Workplace practices and policies to support workers with depression: Synthesizing the evidence
Dwayne Van Eerd

Adaption of the Silica Control Tool model for Alberta
Melanie Gorman Ng

A systematic approach to identifying resilience training needs of EMS personnel
Dan Bilsker

Wet Work: A high-hazard activity in healthcare – Workplace screening for occupational contact dermatitis
Kathryn Nichol

Development of a web-based assessment tool for JHSC functioning and effectiveness
Kathryn Nichol