CARWH 2018 is the only national conference focused exclusively on research on work and health. This conference is the primary forum for scientists, students, and stakeholders to exchange knowledge and stimulate dialogue on some of the most important research issues facing the health of workers. CARWH conferences are based in Canada but have consistently attracted the presence of researchers from around the world.

CARWH is dedicated to supporting the next generation of work and health scientists. The conference will commence with a Trainee Day on October 21th, where there will be presentations pertinent to the opportunities and challenges of being a new researcher and time for networking with like-minded peers and leaders in the field.

There will be two full conference days on October 22 and 23 devoted to keynote presentations, parallel oral and poster presentation sessions, and symposia. All students and delegates will be warmly welcomed to the conference at a reception on the evening of October 21. A gala dinner will also be hosted on October 22.

Keynote speakers will be invited by the CARWH 2018 Scientific Committee. These individuals will be widely recognized for their leadership and national expertise in work and health research. The call for abstracts for oral and poster presentations will open on March 1st. Please check this website to learn of conference announcements, news, and updates.

Who Should Attend

  • Scientists, researchers, and students from a wide range of disciplines related to work and health. This includes research areas such as occupational health, occupational or industrial hygiene, engineering, economics, sociology, kinesiology, psychology, social work, law, medicine, public health
  • Injured workers and representatives from historically marginalized or excluded communities
  • Clinicians and clinician-scientists who provide services to workers and/or conduct research, such as occupational physicians, occupational therapists, occupational health nurses, rehabilitation specialists, kinesiologists, ergonomists, physiotherapists
  • Policy-makers from government ministries and agencies related to labour, health, environment, human resources and social development, and others
  • Representatives from non-profit and non-governmental organizations that have, as all or part of their mandate, an interest in protecting and promoting the health of workers
  • Health and safety specialists from the public and private sectors

Conference Objectives

  • To stimulate knowledge exchange and dialogue on research related to work and health
  • To support the next generation of scientists by providing opportunities for career advancement, mentorship, and networking
  • To foster collaboration between scientists and stakeholders

Conference Themes

The overarching theme of CARWH 2018 is Research and Practice to Improve Health in a Changing World of Work.

While we welcome submissions on all topics relating to work and health, the conference keynotes, sessions, and symposia will focus on the following major themes:

  • Workers in situations of vulnerability
  • Diversity and inequality
  • Indigenous workers
  • Working and employment conditions
  • Occupational hazards
  • Health outcomes
  • Interventions
  • Prevention
  • Rehabilitation and return-to-work
  • Policies and practices
  • Knowledge transfer and exchange
  • Tools development
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Mental health
  • New technologies