Student and Trainee Awards

Travel Awards

CARWH is pleased to be offering several travel awards for trainees for amounts up to $1000 (max $700 for those traveling from within BC). Priority will be given to those in full-time MSc and PhD research degree programs, but post-doctoral fellows and other students (e.g. MPH degree students) may apply.

To apply for a travel award, please submit a letter (less than 500 words) explaining how CARWH attendance will further your student research goals and attach a travel budget that includes estimates for transportation, accommodations, and incidentals (meals, taxis/transport, etc.).

Please send your letter and budget estimate to Dr. Victoria Arrandale, CARWH 2018 Organizing Committee Member, at, by September 7, 2018. You will be notified of the result of your application by September 21, 2018. The early bird rate for student registration will be held over to accommodate these announcements.

Abstract, Poster, and Presentation Awards

CARWH will also be offering prizes for best abstract, best poster, and best oral presentation by a student. These will be announced at the conference. Be sure to indicate on your registration if you are a student so that you can be considered for these prizes.